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We produce ceramic and glass objects.They are made in a modern, full of originality.As source of inspiration were currents of the vanguard in sculpture and painting. These objects are perfectly harmonizes with virtually all types of Interior arrangements

Although originality is the main feature of these products however influence their mark artistic studies with influences from avant-garde art in sculpture and painting, cubism, abstract cunstructivism be found in our product line. Arts and Crafts as well as features of giant Romanian sculpture, Brancusi, suggestions can be found in these products.

Also I took the idea of folk art of pottery (cabbage rolls) or vessels utilitare.Doar idea was taken, the interpretation is a decorative line gestualista. The presence of this object in a catalog is a kitchen and a splash of color point of interest along with a utility role.

We create decorative panels or panels separating the role of skylights for hotels or houses in which they can find nothing but the magazines of interiors.

At the request of our clients realize promotional ceramic and glass.

Our products blend well with any indoor environment that is meant to be graced with a touch of art.