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History Society “Cerglass SRL Deva”

Ceramic and glass Manufacture of thermoformed is a city in the middle of Transylvania, a city full of history.

Manufactures of this activity began in the early days after the revolution of December 89.

The first products were made ​​of porcelain figurines.

Around the manufactures were constantly budding artists, arts high school students, arts students from well established artists

They have done thesis as well as personal work participating in national and international exhibitions.

One of the artists who have made ​​a major contribution to this collective artistic line was

Prof. Ernest Kovacs, sculptor with an impressive record in domestic and international exhibitions.

Style decorative objects printed to those made ​​in the abstract this is a style that manufactures their roots in cubism, constructivism sidin abstract art staff processed these items unique artists who performed or very short series.

Precisely because total freedom of processing and interpretation of pure geometrical forms, stylized, went to the essence of the message, these objects have a special freshness coming from the energy and spontaneity of expression that are material to vibrate poured.